“Anita Zijdemans Boudreau characterizes open education as”….iterations of social and technological innovations that reduce barriers to access, and create multiple opportunities for educational practice” (2014).

Open Learning
Open Teaching
Open Content
Open Environment
Open Design

Connect, collaborate and engage in the learning process.


JESS3, Solis, B. The Conversation Prism. (2015). Graphic Image.

Openness – The Promise of a Post-Copyright World
“Abandoning copyright is now not only possible, but desirable. Both artists and audiences would benefit, financially and aesthetically. In place of corporate gatekeepers determining what can and can’t be distributed, a much finer-grained filtering process would allow works to spread based on their merit alone. We would see a return to an older and richer cosmology of creativity, one in which copying and borrowing openly from others’ works is simply a normal part of the creative process, a way of acknowledging one’s sources and of improving on what has come before. And the old canard that artists need copyright to earn a living would be revealed as the pretense it has always been.” (Fogel, K., n.d.) http://questioncopyright.org/promise


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